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A kind word goes a long way

  • Posted on Tuesday, September, 20th, 2011
  • I was at the providence VA today and I came across someone who was really great at her job and is often under appreciated. She is the receptionist at the primary care clinic and she has a difficult job.

    The receptionist deals with elderly and aggravated veterans all day long. She does so calmly and kindly even in difficult situations. It takes great self-control to remain calm and not get upset with the people she deals with.

    One lady in particular seemed extra difficult in front of me. The elderly women thought she needed to schedule an appointment that the receptionist knew she already had. No matter what the receptionist said, she couldn’t convince that lady that it was already scheduled.

    Finally the elderly women hands the receptionist a paper telling her that the appointment wasn’t shown on it. The receptionist then handed it back telling here it was the first appointment on the paper. After looking at it again the elderly women finally understood and was on her way.

    The receptionist never raised her voice or gave any impression of aggravation throughout the conversation. Having to deal with people like this could easily wear on ones patience. Not her though, she remains cool and calm all through the day.

    I was impressed with the way she handled herself. When my turn had ended, I told her that her patience is impressive. She laughed with a smile, seeming to really appreciate the compliment. A kind word can really make a difference in someone’s day.

    Thanks dedicated VA workers you really make a difference

    - Cory Fitzpatrick

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